We Move Forward EXPONENTIALLY When We Go Our OWN Pace

I have always had enthusiasm and have usually had direction. (I’ve had my seasons of being lost as well.) But when I see something I really want, I go after it, and I get it. I never knew how threatening that can be to some people. 

Over the years when I have just been myself . . . my momentum has hurt others who don’t move at the same speed. In my own moments of insecurity—I used to let it stop me. I was embarrassed and even humiliated by who I was. I felt like I was “too much.” That people thought I was showing off or trying to make them feel and look stupid. So I shut down, paralyzed with shame.

This, of course, was completely untrue. God simply made me this way, and for me, it is the place where I thrive best. He didn’t make a mistake when He created me. But it is because of His power that my time and energy are multiplied. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. 


While visiting with a dear friend about this topic, she told me that her mother-in-law modeled AMAZINGNESS. Is that a word? Haha She did everything quickly and masterfully. She always had a good cause, and she accomplished her part of it with tremendous flair. 

My friend adored her mother-in-law and began to approach her life in the same way. She even pulled it off . . . for a time. After “keeping up” with her for a season, she found that she began to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and needed to hide from her family to recuperate. This brought her a powerful life lesson about the dangers of going someone else’s pace. She has now found her own stride, and she has affected many people through coaching, writing, facilitating programs, and reaching out to those who need her. Interesting, huh?

I recently sent out my three month list of goals to my accountability group. One of the participants wrote back. She did not tell me to slow down. She said she believed I would accomplish those goals and more. Can you imagine how liberating that was to me? She wasn’t threatened. She was my cheerleader, and she anticipated even more from me. 


We all have WONDROUS things to do in life. We will see those wondrous things happen best when we go at our own snail, rabbit, or cheetah pace. Trust what’s right for you. There is no room for comparison when we are following our own personal paths. 


Thank you for walking this journey with me. I love you. I trust you. I believe in you and your divine calls.