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Stephanie Francom

is a coach, author, and speaker who loves circling the campfire with her family, sees amazing potential in everyone, and shares her peanut M&M’s . . . sometimes. Her master’s degree with an emphasis on womanhood, her founding of a non-profit organization, Art of Womanhood, and her daily living reveal her passion for the family. Her personal mission is to inspire others to live on purpose and to empower them to share the truth in their hearts From the Rooftops.


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from the rooftops

We train Messengers of Truth to take their messages to the world through writing, speaking, and social platforms.



I help my clients get unstuck and move forward with intention and purpose.


genius bootcamp

The solution to every problem is only an idea away . . . so find the idea you need at Genius Bootcamp.

Book Releases 2019



“The authors’ collective brilliance is not to be taken for granted. In their combined vulnerability they are strong, and in their confidence we are inspired. Their words will lift if you are feeling low and give you wings if you are ready to fly.” - Debora Ruano Fletcher, Founder and president of Sustainable Families Group

“This ‘toolkit’ moves us from intentions and ideas to realizing that which we were inherently gifted to achieve.” - Ann Takasaki, Chairman of the Board of Big Ocean Women

“As children we’re taught that 4 x 1 = 4, but when that equation includes four bright women who combine their God-given strengths, 4 x 1 = Collective Brilliance. In energetic fashion, Stephanie, Roxanne, Gigi, and Christine show how group accountability can lead to surprising spiritual synergy. An illuminating read for those who seek to define and develop a personal ministry.” - Lynne Perry Christofferson, Author, Sisters Arise



“Stephanie has made me a believer! This is the first time I have read a self-help book that actually helped me. She not only made it personal, but personally applicable to me. Her approach to life’s challenges - even the daily ones like getting out of bed in the morning - is practical and truly transformed my thinking. I began applying her advice the day I started reading and will return to it again and again as I acquire the strength and insight to apply the principles she shares.” - Jennifer Ann Mackley, Author, Wilford Woodruff’s Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine

“I felt like I was on Stephanie’s couch having a conversation with her. She made me laugh, cry, and ponder; but mostly she made me desire to look at my own forest.” - Antoinette Montandon, Founder, High Tide Healing

“Brilliant! This book is timely, just as I am entering and clearing out my own life’s overgrown underbrush. Thank you for all the imagery, all of the suggestions, all of the wonderful ideas, the beautiful stories and examples, and on and on!” - Ginger Carpenter

Looking for a Speaker?

Stephanie enjoys speaking in both small and large groups. She has spoken from stages in the corporate world, at the front of the room in smaller business settings, as the keynote speaker at non-profit-sponsored events, at various conferences, as well as at many religious venues. 

If you are interested in having Stephanie speak at your event, please contact her.

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