Maybe the Little Things are Really the Big Things

Child’s laughter. Blowing bubbles. Hot showers. Snapchat. Dancing to a silly song. Reminiscing with an old friend. Paddle ball. Shooting stars. Candy necklaces. Stupid, clean jokes. Pillow fights.

Just making this list makes me smile.

My old Eternal Warriors mentor ( suggested I create a list of things that bring me joy. Not huge things…like going to an amusement park or on a getaway with my sweetheart…but just “bite-size delights.”

Sounds fun. But why?

Lightening the Mood

Actually…believe it or not…it’s an incredible way to chase away the darkness. It makes sense. When I’m in “a mood”… I can fight back with light!

I remember when one of my daughters was seriously struggling. She was getting sucked into a vortex of depression, and I was out of town. I was terrified because there was nothing I could do. When I got home she was fine. A completely different person than I had talked to a couple of hours before.

Dancing with the Stars

What changed? Well…she instinctively grabbed her younger siblings, went downstairs into the basement, turned on her music, danced her heart out, and she turned the tide of depression that threatened to sweep over her.

I’ve seen it snap my son out of sulky moments. I’ve seen it ground an angry daughter. I’ve even watched it pull me out of some pretty bad anxiety.

What’s on Your List?

So…try it. Make a list of 5-10 things that you delight in. Then the next time you start getting pulled in a wrong direction, grab a delight off your list and watch the magic happen. I dare ya!

I’d love to add some of your ideas to my list. What are some of your delights?