How I Remembered Who I Am

There I sat, watching as joy and light emanated from the speaker. Suddenly a deep sadness came over me as I remembered another time and place.

“Stephanie, you always have a smile on your face! You’re just so happy.”

Another memory replaced that one — of teaching a class titled “Lighten Up.” I had been asked to teach it because they hoped my “fun approach to life” could help others.

Had I Really Forgotten?

In all honesty I had forgotten that this was even a part of me. After my third child, our family moved across the country. For whatever reason, I was not very well accepted in our new community. I had 3 more children and a pretty difficult personal journey. After a 5 year battle, I was…well…lost.

Sitting there listening to that speaker affected me deeply. I recognized that I had lost myself somewhere in the midst of all the pain, and I decided it was time to do something about it.

Making ME a Priority

Well. I got to work. I looked up EVERY reference to any word that I identified with in my core book (the book(s) that define my values — in my case that would be the King James Version of the Bible and The Book of Mormon.)

I looked up words like sister, mother, daughter, friend, wife, woman, womanhood, and such.

This was only the beginning, but a shift began to take place. Soon I was reading every book I could get my hands on that had to do with being a woman.

Healing Through Writing

And I spent a lot of time recording my thoughts. I don’t know what it is about writing (with pen in hand in my case), but direction and inspiration just comes.

I learned for myself that I am a beloved daughter of God. I discovered where I fit; I recognized my worth; I could finally see how important my part is in this world. I guess it was less that I discovered these things…and more that I remembered. I had simply forgotten who I was.

I was given vision and direction to strengthen my family and to help others strengthen their families as well.

Now It’s Your Turn

So how can we remember who we are?

I would strongly suggest spending some quiet time with yourself and God in a sacred space with your core book and a pen in hand.

Have you had any experiences with remembering who you are? What did you do to come to that place of peace?