How Do I REALLY Make it Happen? Just Focus!

“You have seventeen seconds of holding a thought, good or bad, before the Universe sets things in motion to bring it about.”

That seemed a little odd to me when I heard it at a recent seminar. Ya know – I really don’t know a thing about the exact time frame, but I do believe that our thoughts cause the momentum.

Our goals are constantly moving in and out of existence depending on the thoughts we choose. That makes sense, right? I mean, if I decide to write a book, I can do it. It goes like this: I consider the topics I want to include, and then I write it down. This brainstorming creates the beginnings of the goal, and I begin to move toward it. But if one of my friends tells me my writing stinks, and I choose to believe her, my dream just kinda fizzles. As soon as I give up on the idea, the goal stops moving toward me. Now the cool thing is that if I ignore my friend’s less-than-encouraging feedback and keep focusing on the end goal, the goal will continue to gather in my behalf.

I learned this law from Leslie Householder. It’s called The Law of Perpetual Transmutation, which states, “that everything is either coming into physical form or going out of it.” Isn’t that awesome? We can be sure that if we set our goal the right way, all the components are moving from a state of thought into a state of physical being.


This law makes a lot more sense to me when I imagine looking through a camera lens as it moves in and out of focus. The more positive thoughts I have toward a goal, the clearer the picture becomes. But as soon as doubt and fear creep in, the picture starts becoming blurry and out of focus.

I recently set a really tough goal with a serious deadline. I wanted ten new customers in just over two weeks. The problem? I had a bunch of things that came up that I couldn’t bypass. To make matters worse, they were scheduled right in the middle of the time set aside to accomplish my goal.

Believe it or not, it was The Law of Perpetual Transmutation that helped me think I could still make it happen. Why? Well, even though I couldn’t work on my goal, I imagined that it was still moving into existence. I simply chose to believe.

Let me explain.

The deadline for my goal came at midnight on the last day of the month. I saw no evidence that I would accomplish my goal until the very end, and all of a sudden I was on the phone the entire day. By 6:30. p.m. I had eight new customers, and I was super excited.

But….dum dum dum…we got a phone call and my husband and I were given an assignment to attend a mandatory meeting that night! By the time we took off and came back from the meeting, I had lost three hours! Who wants to talk business at 9:30 at night? Blah. By this point there really wasn’t enough time for me to compete my goal.

What did I do? I chose to believe my goal was still going to manifest itself. And guess what? It did! The right person to contact came to my mind. And another little burst of inspiration came at the last minute. Even with all the unintended breaks, I got all ten customers before midnight! It was amazing!

So long as we envision our dream with clarity and continue to believe it’s coming into focus, it’s going to show up. For real. Just trust the process!