Stephanie is a powerful mentor. Her personal struggles and hunger for knowledge have given her a unique perspective and understanding of the laws and principles that govern success - and it's inspiring - she doesn't just gather book knowledge, she implements, experiments, learns, and teaches with tremendous effectiveness. Her gift and talent for coaching, presenting, and teaching shortens the pain and accelerates progress for anyone who is willing to learn from her. One of my favorite people in the world!

— Leslie Householder, Best-Selling Author, The Jackrabbit Factor

“When I first heard Stephanie speak to hundreds at a business convention, I leaned over to a friend and said, ‘Can you tell she is a leader among women?’ There is a powerful vision she sees, and then graciously turns around to describe to the rest of us. Her authentic cheerleading style is simply a Godsend to the rest of us trying to make our way home. Stephanie’s mind and hands are consistently and cheerfully working to help others embrace a grander vision, be it in our work, our homes, or our hearts.”

— Roxanne Thayne, Co-Founder, Homeward Bound

“Stephanie's bright and positive personality shines through with whatever she is engaged in. Her personal concern is evident in her skills as a coach. She is very caring, insightful  and inspiring on a personal level. I have attended events where she is the highlighted speaker, which is always a treat because she is well prepared, upbeat and very eloquent with her words and presentation. Can I describe her in one word? Delightful!!!“

- Laurene Semrad

“Stephanie is an inspired facilitator with passion for the success of those who are in her influence. Her joyful and accepting spirit make the experience easier and more powerful all at the same time. She authentically shares her own life experiences of success and failure with a faithful perspective that hope, faith, and belief are key to our joy. Thank you Stephanie for your service and life mission and how you have influenced my life.”

- Karen Broadhead, Founder and Director, Mothers Who Know